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[LBN017] Old Splendifolia - "Utterly Heartbreaking" (EP)

Published January 19, 2013

During live sessions in the summer house, the woods of Brandenburg and the homes of friendly musicians delicate pieces evolved, capturing random environmental noises and exceptional interaction of the artists. The chamber music-ish pieces flow moment to moment painting scenes with tones. The Song Poems seek their fortune through poetic views of the world, leap to the Earthâs perishable inhabitantsâ defense, for whom the consistent rational explanations for a world so compelling in its richness, in its confusion, in its complexities impregnable from comprehension give little satisfaction. So, letâs cast light on the many small details, sense-nourishing observations, confusion, the fear that tears me, which overwhelmed you as well, and on the comfort that She granted you, so you now could come to my aid. Enter with the ears and not only with the latter, into the micro-extracts from rich litera- and orature, elocuted by the inner desire to keep the amazement and the breath of life, to light the inner warmth, which beards the global one, with filigree vehemence. Yes.

EP version (5 tracks) free download on La bèl netlabel.
Complete version (13 tracks) on sale on Bandcamp.
And a handmade limited edition CD for your La bèl collection.

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released 19 January 2013
All songs by Jana Plewa and Frank Schültge Blumm

Sven Kacirek: Vibraphone on 'Heaven Emerald' and recording assistance on
those same songs.
Andreas Otto: Cello on 'Woman in the Reek'
Nils Frahm recording of 'Two Eagles'.

Artwork taken from Labor der Weissagungen by Anke Göhring

Frank: Thanks Alessandro Coronas
Jana: Thank You.

Any commercial usage without written approval strictly prohibited.
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Reviewer: NetMusic Life - - January 21, 2013
Subject: NetMusic Life review
"A small masterpiece full of feeling and spirituality..."

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